Newman Hire Company is one of the largest prop hire facilities in the world. Founded fifty-four years ago, and still owned and operated by the founders; it is currently managed by the third generation of the family, Raven Chandar. Amongst many other movies and tv shows, we have hired on every James Bond movie, since From Russia with Love (1963) and all seasons of Game of Thrones.

With its roots in the East End of London, NHC came into being in Shepherds Bush market in 1964. A buyer from the BBC walked into one of the two retail units which the family was operating selling lighting, luggage, and fancy goods, wanting to hire a mirror. Aubrey Newman, the head of the family, instantly, appreciated the commercial implications. In a matter of a few years, he had built up an enormous stock for hire, which needed twenty-four railway arches, three retail lock-ups, an electricity sub-station, and a mews house, as storage.